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Virtual poster guidelines

The IPC2021 poster session is held and is accessible both from the Congress website and from the IPC2021 Virtual Congress platform.

The posters are available online during the whole Congress, without any designated timeslots. So there will be no regular poster presentations by the authors, instead the authors are invited to:

  • Design a poster (may or may not include video content)
  • Record a short audio presentation (max 5 minutes) to introduce the poster (recommended but not required)

The Congress organizers will set up the web-page for virtual posters. The poster presenting page will include at least your poster presentation and your short abstract attached to it. If you have uploaded the audio presentation, this will be also attached to your poster.

Prepare your poster as a 1-page PDF-file in landscape orientation. 

  1. Design your poster in MS Power-Point or Apple Keynote and save as a PDF-file. This will avoid unwanted changes in fonts etc.
  2. Use the e-poster templates: MS Power Point template, Apple Keynote template


If you have a video embedded, your poster has to be saved in the .pptx format.

Afterwards, upload your PowerPoint poster file, which includes your video.

If you have not included a video, your poster must be submitted as a PDF. PPT-files cannot be accepted. 

An audio introduction is not required, but if you decide to add it, then it needs to be uploaded as a separate file.

UPLOAD YOUR POSTER BY 25 APRIL to the designated Dropbox folder:

  • File format: a single page PDF (.pdf)
  • In Pixel: 1536 pixels width and 1080 pixels height
  • In cm: 542 mm width and 381 mm height
  • Font size: minimum 16
  • If you want to add a video (30 secs. max length) to your poster, please observe the following:
  • File format: .pptx with an embedded video file
  • Video formats: .mp4, .mpeg, .mov, .avi
  • Max. file size: 40 MB (WITHOUT video)
  • Max. file size: 100 MB (WITH video)
  • Maximum: 1 video
  • Audio introduction of your poster: in a separate audio file – .mp3; .m4a are preferred.

Please be aware that PowerPoint files (.pptx) will only be accepted if you have videos included. If your poster does not contain a video, please submit your poster as a PDF.

To get started with your poster creation, feel free to download the poster template here:

  1. MS Power Point template
  2. Apple Keynote template

UPLOAD YOUR POSTER BY 25 APRIL to the designated Dropbox folder:

If you have questions, please contact the Congress Secretariat via email: