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Peatlands, although covering less than 3% of the global land surface, are the largest natural terrestrial carbon sinks that provide vital ecosystem services from preserving global biodiversity and helping address climate change to supporting the economy by providing growing media and raw materials for the production of food and energy.

In many countries, wetlands, bogs, and mires are important elements of folklore, historically seen as places of peace and mystery. Nowadays, however, drained and cutaway bogs demonstrate the negative human impact on the pristine landscapes.

The aim of the photo contest is to highlight the versatility of peatlands, usage of peat and issues related to peat extraction as well as peatland reclamation – peatlands perceived in their natural beauty, exploitation, and restoration.

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The photo contest will be held in three categories:

  • pictures taken with PHOTO CAMERAS,
  • pictures taken with SMARTPHONES
  • pictures taken with DRONES.

Everyone can upload up to three pictures (find the form below) and give them suitable captions. When uploading your work, please choose the category in which you would like to participate. Pictures can be uploaded from June 2019 until March 2021 and the winners will be announced at the end of April 2021.

All submitted pictures can be found in the photo contest gallery.

Before entering the contest please read carefully the terms and conditions of the contest.

In case of questions please contact Congress Secretariat: 

Publicon PCO
T: +372 740 4095

The photo contest is organised in collaboration with National Geographic Estonia.

The main prize is the Fujifilm hybrid camera X-T30 by Fotoluks.

Winners in other categories, such as the children’s Most Breathless photo and the Audience Award, will also be determined.
These prizes will be revealed in due course.

By submitting your work you confirm that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the photo contest.