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Industry summit

The Industry summit of the IPC 2021 will take place at the main Congress venue on the 4 May 2021.

The industry summit is organised for practitioners and top executives of peatland and peat companies that rely upon peatland and/or peat products for a significant part of their business. The focus is on discussing, changing ideas and presenting viewpoints on the key issues in the peat industry, however, not only the economy but also social and environmental aspects will be considered. Inter alia, the following issues will be addressed: global peat demand for energy and horticulture; peat in the context of climate politics; social impacts of peatland use; new production technologies and applications of peat; certification of peatland, peat and peat containing growing media, etc.

At the end of the day, all the participants of the summit are welcome to join the special dinner at the Tallinn TV Tower restaurant.


Top management of a) peat and peat products industries, and b) companies involved in peatland management for agriculture, forestry, palm oil production and others.


  • To be informed by senior representatives from industry, science and environmental management bodies about the role and challenges of peat and peatlands in global climate change mitigation strategies.
  • To disseminate knowledge on peat and peatland resources that are used by peat industries globally and to assess requirements until 2050.
  • To provide an international forum to discuss these developments and find solutions.


  • To increase awareness of the potential impact from global climate change mitigation strategies on the use of peatlands and peat for economic purposes, and vice versa.
  • To increase awareness on the potential impact from global and regional social challenges (e.g. food security) on the use of peatlands for economic purposes.
  • To explain the need for corporate commitments to research and policy development on peatlands and peat.
  • To provide the international and regional bodies with information on the expected global demand for economic use of peatlands and manufacture of peat-containing products between now and 2050.
  • To improve awareness by senior corporate executives of the potential economic opportunities (e.g. carbon accounting/trading and mitigation) that could impact corporate planning and management of peatland resources.
  • To clarify the opportunity that peat industries have, to understand, influence and challenge these global changes.
  • To provide a networking opportunity for senior corporate executives and senior global policy makers and decision takers at the international conventions and agreement level.
  • To profile the value and role that the International Peatland Society has and can play in contributing to responsible peatland management policies at the international level.


  • Peat and peatland industries will be better informed of the challenges and risks to their business.
  • A summary of the sessions by the principle moderator outlining the concerns and issues heard from the presentations. 
  • The IPS will commit to working with peatland management industries and international bodies and agencies, including in the tropics, and elsewhere to promote responsible peatland management and promote this concept in international and regional fora.