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COVID-19 policy

So far Estonia has managed to avoid complete lockdown caused by the pandemic. But several restrictions on freedom of movement, self-isolation and quarantine policies are in place. As well multiple regional restrictions concerning mainly restaurants and entertainment facilities, as well the event organisation. Wearing a face mask is required in public indoor spaces.

The most updated information about the current COVID-19 situation in Estonia and all about travel restrictions are available on the official COVID-19 crisis webpage.


Due to the evolving nature of pandemic and also considering the possible positive outcomes from the vaccinations it is not possible to provide the whole list of safety measures that the organisers will implement at the IPC2021. But the safety of the speakers, moderators and attendees is the top priority of the organisers.

The organising team is monitoring the situation constantly and informed decisions will be made. 

Safety protocol for the IPC2021 includes:

  • Using a contactless method for exchanging or verifying identification, and for accepting payments at the event.
  • Hand-washing stations with soap and water and hand sanitisers containing at least 60% alcohol are available throughout the venue from the entrance to the exit. 
  • Both reusable and disposable face masks will be available.
  • Physical distancing is made possible by using 50% larger rooms than the number of attendees requires.
  • More smaller food stations instead of few larger ones, single-serve options are available when possible. 
  • Door handles and other high-contact surfaces will be cleaned during and after every break.

The COVID-19 policy of IPC2021 is constantly updated considering the current situation in Estonia and rules by the government.