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For Accompanying Persons

Spouses and/or any other relatives travelling with delegates can join the IPC2021 Accompanying Persons Package.

It is important that delegates register their accompanying person as to ensure their participation is confirmed. Simply fill in the Accompanying Person’s registration form after you as a delegate have finished your registration form. This package is for accompanying persons only. Delegates cannot apply for these activities.

Accompanying Persons should be limited to 1-2 persons per participant.

Registering for the Congress Gala Dinner and Day tour to Lahemaa National Park for accompanying persons – additional fees will apply.



Price: TBC
Discounted price applies for children as accompanying persons.
Children up to 6 years: TBC
Children 7-18 years: TBC


What is the Estonian cuisine – Nordic with a twist, a touch from Russian kitchen and a bit of German? Take a glimpse into its surprisingly vivid culinary scene during our Tallinn Food Tour. You’ll have around 6 food & drink-stops combined with guided strolls on historical cobblestone streets of Tallinn Old Town.

Tallinn Food Tour combines personalised city tour with various typical for the region food & drink stops. 
This walking tour takes you on a culinary excursion of the Old Town, including also stops at neighbouring Baltic Station Market and gives you a chance to experience the smells, flavours and stories of Estonian cuisine. You will also get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Old Town and nearby Kalamaja quarter and hear exciting stories about Estonian history and the country today.

Tallinn Food Tour consists of around 6 food & drink stops. You’ll have a taste of some local traditional and modern food and some drinks. You will be served a soup, various traditional food samples, like black rye bread, open faced traditional for Estonia spiced sprat sandwiches, but also samples of modern Estonian cuisine. You will try out some local drinks, like ‘Kali’ and ‘Kama’, some local schnapps and sweets and a good cup of locally roasted coffee or a glass of local berry or fruit wine. 

Time: TBC
Price: Included in the IPC2021 accompanying persons package
Meeting point: TBC

Souvenir workshop

Put your hands into good use and create an item of genuine emotion for yourself or as unique gift for someone special in the Stella Soomlais leather workshop. 

During the 1,5h workshop you will get familiar with leather as a design material and with the guidance of the local crafters you will be able to design and create a leather wristband according to your vision. If you wish to make a simple accessory that has your touch to it and that will remind you this trip to Tallinn, then this workshop is just the place to do it. Vegetable tanned leather of European origin is used in the workshop.

Stella Soomlais studio is internationally known as a designer leather bags and smaller accessories. All items from key-chain to weekend bags are handmade in the studio here in Tallinn, Telliskivi Creative District. The key component of the production is conscious and sustainable use of materials. The designs are crafted to minimize the cutting leftovers. The larger cutting leftovers are used for creating smaller accessories, and the really tiny bits and pieces gain a new life in workshops. So attending this workshop, you will be also part of helping the studio to reach their goal of zero waste in production.

Time: TBC
Price: Included in the accompanying persons package
Meeting point: TBC


Junimperium distillery is the first open artisan gin distillery in Estonia, which offers tours for everyone interested in the history of gin and the art of production. You can learn about the production process as well botanicals they use in the distillery and get to know the story how Junimperium came to be. 

Junimperium is located in the hip Telliskivi Creative district near to the Stella Soomlais studio where we have a workshop before visiting Junimperium. 

The visit to the Junimperium includes:

  • tour in the distillery,
  • overview of gin’s history,
  • noising and tasting of gins by Junimperium,
  • gin&tonic cocktail

Time: TBC
Price: Included in the accompanying persons package
Meeting point: TBC


  • Admire Jägala waterfall, the highest natural waterfall in Estonia
  • Go on a hike in a bog, the mystical wetland with an important place in every Estonian’s heart
  • Search for animal tracks in the unspoiled Estonian nature
  • Explore the charming fishing villages along the coastline
  • Visit a romantic manor and have a walk in the historical manor garden
  • Lunch at a local tavern

Lahemaa National Park is just east of Tallinn. It is a place of breathtaking landscapes and unspoilt nature. You can find beautiful peninsulas and bays, forests and beaches, waterfalls and bogs seasoned with rich cultural history. This day trip is perfect for spending a day out of Tallinn and is designed to show you the beauty of the area in every season.

We end the trip in Külavilla tourism centre where all the delegates from Mid-Congress field trips are gathering to celebrate the Midsummer’s Eve. If you prefer to skip the celebrations and leave to the city after the day trip, there will be buses that are heading back to Tallinn also. 

Time: TBC
Price: TBC
Price includes 2 snack breaks and lunch, experienced english-speaking guide, comfortable air-conditioned tour bus.
Meeting point: TBC