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Peatland Congress
2nd – 7th May 2021 / The Creative Hub, Tallinn, Estonia
Peatland Congress
2nd – 7th May 2021 / The Creative Hub, Tallinn, Estonia
Peatland Congress
2nd – 7th May 2021 / The Creative Hub, Tallinn, Estonia


The IPC 2021 will be held as a hybrid Congress. This means we’re looking forward to welcoming face-to-face delegates in a COVID-19 secure environment but the state-of-the-art scientific programme will also be available online for those for whom travel restrictions or economical matters caused by the pandemic make getting to Tallinn difficult. You can register now either for on-site Congress in Tallinn or for the Virtual Congress and decide your form of attendance later. Organisers have made the change from on-site to virtual and vice versa possible until 30 days prior the Congress.

Programme outline

Going hybrid has made some changes in the programme outline to consider the comfort of both on-site and online delegates.

2 May 2021

3 May 2021

4 May 2021
5 May 2021
6 May 2021
7 May 2021

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Peatlands and peat - source of ecosystem services

For some time already it has been insufficient to consider peatlands merely as a source of peat for peat extraction, nor as a source for forestry or agriculture. We have come to an understanding of the importance of all the ecosystem services that peatland provides, especially in their natural condition.

What's New?

Open lectures will be advertised in universities and to potentially interested NGO-s. Participation in such lectures will be free of charge for everyone. In parallel with the peatland congress, international peatlands and peat related movie festival will be held. The festival will be open to the general public. Prior to the congress, international peatlands and peat related photo contest will be held. The best pictures will be presented during the congress and winners will be announced.

Why Estonia?

There is potentially no better scene for the discussion of peatland ecological services than Estonia. Due to the suitable landscape and climatic conditions for paludification, approx. 22 % of Estonian territory is covered with peatlands in various conditions. Peatlands are an integral part of the Estonian landscape and have governed the course of old roads and communication between different regions.

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